Hi my name is America. I have been wanting to get adopted ever since I was a pup. I am super floofy and I don't know why nobody will adopt me. My personality is great. I love to chew things up and rip them up into shreds. What's wrong with that??? That's what my friend Argentina do together. (Tina for short). 
"Move Tina I'm trying to blog here. Are you blind??? OH!!! I'm so sorry Tina I didn't mean it that way." Oh great, I just made my BFF cry. Gotta go! I'll fill you in later. K? See you later

I'm sure Tina will forgive you once her sweet little heart realizes you did not mean something bad by what you said. But you do need to think before you blurt things out because as you found out, words can hurt.
Also you need to learn that it is not good for dogs to tear up things or ruin property that does not belong to you. Perhaps some kind dog loving person will adopt you and teach you what is proper behavior for a dog. I sure hope that happens for you, and I will add you to my prayers that this will happen!!!
I am a dog too so my mommy Lisa wrote this for me. If we did not live so far away I just bet my mommy would let you live with us and she would teach you all the correct ways for us dogs to act.
Well I hope you and Tina are playing together again real soon.
Your friend


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