Hi guys I know it's been a while since I posted!!! I want to tell you what happened this week. Argentina and I were walking down the street and we all the sudden spotted a big giant bone on the top of a building. For some reason words were engraved on the bone it read "Dr. Karthry's Veternarians" We decided to go inside. It was really weird because we heard a lot of yelping and screaming. We saw a ladder and we decided to climb it. It seemed as if it lead to the top of the building. We got to the top and we tried to take a bite out of it but it was made out of really hard plastic. Who would make a bone out of HARD plastic??? GOSH!!!! It looked so juicy and good!!! UGH Argentina and I were really upset.
Well.......that's it
Hope you enjoyed reading the "AA" for today
:), Hannah 

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