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I am on a swim team. I compete against a whole bunch of other girls. The two most favorite girls who are on a different swim team and compete against me are the Landis Twins. Rachel, who I have gotten very close to has a very good time on the 100 IM it's probably 1minute and 26 seconds while mine is 1minute and 28 seconds. Valerie is faster than both of us because she is tall. Rachel AND Valerie have both gone to Nationals.It is a very big honor. Their first time was when they were 8 yrs. old. I am 11 yrs. old and I still haven't gone to Nationals. It's getting sort of annoying but,still, practice makes perfect. You are probably wondering what the 100 IM is. It is all of the strokes smushed into one race. Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle. If you want to know more please post below.

3/18/2013 01:51:38 am

You will get there someday just keep practicing email me on I have so important things to talk about(it's about swimming)

Cassie Allen (Greyson's Mom)
3/18/2013 01:52:46 am

Hannah, what a great endeavor and I have no doubt you will be successful. I am so paranoid about leaving our dog anywhere that he just goes with us but not everyone can do that so your service I would think would be very well received. I will be sure to refer customers your way! Best of luck!

Thank you all for visiting my website!!! Mrs. Elliot I have heard a lot about you.........I think my mom has mentioned you in a couple of her "High School Stories" As for you Mrs. Allen..........Thank you for the encouragement!!!! I know I will qualify for Nationals someday!!!
And Elizabeth..........Remember!!!! I don't have an email!! LOL I will see you at ACES this week. :)

Lisa Elliott
3/18/2013 02:38:49 am

I am a High School friend of your Mom's and I live in California. I think you are a very smart, enterprising young lady. I sure wish we lived near each other because I could sure use your services for my baby girl Khloe. You see she would love to go on a walk everyday to see what's happening in the neighborhood, but my legs don't work very well so are walking is limited to just our front yard.
I think your business will become very successful. And as far as getting to Nationals with your swimming I think that will happen also. I wish you all the best of luck and I look forward to keeping up with you through your blog!!!
All my best
Lisa Elliott

Theresa (Dunn) Jeffs
3/18/2013 08:43:09 am

Hannah, I love your blog.... Is that cute little pug really named FRANK! lol. I have two dogs, Lucy and Ethel. They are sisters but don't look anything alike. They would love to play with you but alas I live in Missouri... :(
I went to middle school and high school with your mom. I am a secretary at John Boise Middle School in Warsaw, Missouri. I love seeing the students everyday.
Practice does make perfect. You will make it to Nationals. Ask God to give you the strength and knowledge. He Will answer your prayers. Thank you for sharing your blog.

Theresa Jeffs
3/18/2013 08:48:29 am

Had to say one more thing. I noticed you are Home-educated. While I work at a school, most of my friends homeschool their children. I remember your mom is really smart (and pretty). You really are blessed. I hope you get lots of dogs to walk.

Tricia Thornhill
3/18/2013 09:52:03 am

You are an awesome young lady! There is no way you will not succeed. You make me smile!

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