Hi guys I know it's been a while since I posted!!! I want to tell you what happened this week. Argentina and I were walking down the street and we all the sudden spotted a big giant bone on the top of a building. For some reason words were engraved on the bone it read "Dr. Karthry's Veternarians" We decided to go inside. It was really weird because we heard a lot of yelping and screaming. We saw a ladder and we decided to climb it. It seemed as if it lead to the top of the building. We got to the top and we tried to take a bite out of it but it was made out of really hard plastic. Who would make a bone out of HARD plastic??? GOSH!!!! It looked so juicy and good!!! UGH Argentina and I were really upset.
Well.......that's it
Hope you enjoyed reading the "AA" for today
:), Hannah 
Hey guys America here!!! Last time I posted I said that my I made my BFF cry. I feel real sorry for that too. You aree probably wondering how I made my BFF cry. Well........She is blind. I'm feel really sorry for her too. Unlike me she has a home. I guess her owners don't notice me when I wine at their door all day. They probably don't notice that Tina is out all day too. (I can open doors). I really want a home. Well the past few days Tina hasn't gotten the courage either to come out of her house. She is still sad because I called her blind. Again, I'm really sorry for calling her that. Okay guys I hope I hear from you other dogs out there that have a blog page.

Hannah's note: This isn't really my dog I am making up these characters as I go. Thanks for reading!!
Hi my name is America. I have been wanting to get adopted ever since I was a pup. I am super floofy and I don't know why nobody will adopt me. My personality is great. I love to chew things up and rip them up into shreds. What's wrong with that??? That's what my friend Argentina do together. (Tina for short). 
"Move Tina I'm trying to blog here. Are you blind??? OH!!! I'm so sorry Tina I didn't mean it that way." Oh great, I just made my BFF cry. Gotta go! I'll fill you in later. K? See you later